Find Your Voice: Discover and Develop Your Social Voice for Digital Communication and Social Media
(2hr Workshop)

Workshop Location:

Luminary Counseling, PLLC

6019 Belfast Drive
Austin, Texas 78727


Register for the workshop 4/5/19:

Learn how to apply principles from interpersonal neurobiology, bonding science, Relational-Cultural Theory, and nonviolent communication to connect with target audiences and expand your reach without fueling systems of oppression. You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly to let you know you’re all set!

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Q: Who can attend this workshop?
A: This workshop is geared toward helping professionals (e.g., therapists, counselors, grad students, interns/associates, yogis, yoga therapists, social workers, traditional healers, doctors, etc.) at all stages of development. Whether you’re still completing your MA work or you’ve been in the field for years, there’s something for everyone! All are welcome.

Q: When is the workshop?
A: Friday, April 5 (‘19), 12-2pm. Plan to arrive a few minutes before noon if possible to settle in so that we can begin promptly at noon! We’ll start with introductions while everyone is snacking/having lunch, so it’s not a problem if you’re a few minutes late.

Q: How much is the workshop and how will I pay?
A: The cost is $50 for grad students, interns/associates, and anyone who is volunteering counseling or social work services at a community health center, and $75 for fully licensed professionals (including yogis). You can pay with cash or by Venmo at Luminary the day of the workshop. There are a few scholarships available; let me know in the message field of the registration form if you want to attend but feel limited by the cost. Proceeds will be donated to The ACLU.

Q: What will I learn in the workshop?
A: You’ll learn how to communicate from your “core self,” to borrow language from Internal Family Systems, and how to apply wisdom from neuroscience to connect with the audiences you hope to engage. You’ll also learn about emotional attunement and how to build relationships with people across digital landscapes without misusing your power and privilege. There will be a lot of information provided on how to embody justice and integrity as you communicate via social media; some topics include: nonviolent communication (NVC), diversity and representation, centering systemically oppressed and marginalized communities without falling into optical/performative allyship, postmodern language and inclusivity, communicating with LGBTQ communities, as well as respectfully engaging relationships that are open/poly and/or a part of the BDSM community without othering. You’ll also get tons of practical tips for optimizing the look and feel of your digital media and branding so that your intentions and impact are in greater alignment.

Q: Where is the workshop?
A: You’ll attend the workshop at Luminary Counseling, PLLC, the private practice where Morgan counsels under the supervision of Jennifer Buffalo, LPC-S, LMFT, in the Mueller neighborhood of Austin, TX. The office is in a little blue house, so 1) be sure to park on the street so that you don’t get blocked in, and 2) enter through the first orange door on the right without the screen.

Q: Will there be lunch?
A: Light snacks and refreshments will be provided, but you’ll be invited to bring a sack lunch. When you register, let me know if you have any food intolerances and I’ll do my best to accommodate you!

Q: Can I get CEU’s for this?
A: Nope, but I’m applying to become a CEU provider, so stay tuned!

Q: What is Morgan’s background in digital communication?
A: In my life before training as a couples counselor, I worked as a social media manager, blogger, content creator, and social strategist in the music industry. I’ve lead a number of teams in rebranding efforts for companies and individuals in the wellness industry and understand the nuanced challenges facing helping professionals who, you know, didn’t necessarily go into this field because they’re great at marketing and branding. But you have a story to tell—an important one! I believe you have beautiful, needed services to offer and I want to help you connect with people who could benefit from working with you!